What Do Your Photos Say About Your Business?

When it comes to creating a business and brand you love, one of the things I hope you’re considering is how you want your brand to feel to your audience. What vibes do you want them to feel? What emotions?



Energetic, Alive, Joyful?

Moody, Dramatic, Quiet?

Really think about it and write down 3 emotions you want your clients to feel when they visit your business online, whether through your website or social media.

Now, go look at your current photos. Study your website. Your profile photos, your Instagram grid and business cards.

How do those photos make you feel?

If they match your brand - you’re doing awesome! If they don’t, it might be time to update your photos my friend! If you want to be attracting high-end corporate clients and your profile photo is a photo of you and your family on vacation in Florida, you’re not doing yourself any favors. If you want clients to buy your bright and colorful new line of handbags, dark and intense photos aren’t going to draw them in. In order to attract clients who can truly connect with your brand, it’s really important that you’re drawing them in to you through photos that authentically represent what your business stands for.

A branding photography session can provide you with the photos you need to share all over your social feeds, marketing materials and website that are consistent with the feelings you want associated with your brand. From the colors to the props, lighting and emotions - branding photographers can help you create the environment and portraits that will guide the right clients to you who want your specific style!

If you need help creating photos that actually represent your brand, head here to schedule a consult with me and we can brainstorm the perfect feel for your business. I can’t wait to chat!