Make Someone's Day

urban sprouts.png

It’s National Compliment Day and it’s an easy one to celebrate because we all can find someone or something we we admire in our daily life. If I knew the inventor of cheese, I’d give them a shoutout, but I’d rather compliment someone who is alive to hear it so here goes!

I want to shoutout Jen, the owner of Urban Sprouts, our local boutique plant shop in Renton, WA. If you haven’t been there yet and love (or want to love) plants, you must look this place up. It’s beautiful and you’ll get lost in there for quite a while.

Jen, you are smart, creative and a total boss babe and I completely admire the business you’ve built and the work you’ve put in. I especially love your genuine passion for helping people (this stood out to me right from my first visit as I barely have a green thumb and you’ve always willing to give me tips/help me out).

Cheers to you today!

Friends, who do you think deserves a compliment today? Tag them in the comments and let them know why you think they’re so awesome!