International Women's Day


Cheers to my sisterhood of women today (and everyday)! I think celebrating how far we've come over the past few decades is truly something to raise a glass to. While we still have women's suffrage in many parts of the world and gender inequality (i.e. women in France make 9% less than me in the workforce) in the present day, I think the fact that many of us do have a voice is something worth mentioning. 

I think men and women alike can celebrate that many women have come so far, from an age where women couldn't drive, vote, chase their passions in the workfield, etc. I also think both men and women can agree that we need to push awareness on topics where some women still aren't free to do this. There are women who can't walk down the street without a male relative. There are women who don't have the rights to drive or vote on something that affects their own children's future. It takes courage to stand up in the face of danger like Rosa Parks or Malala Yousafzai have and no one can deny the great improvements in the world when strong women come together.

Women ARE worth celebrating. 

I do not think that celebrating the fact that we have brave women who have stood up for our rights over the years demeans men in any way. Sorry dudes, but this isn't about you. It's not a 'we hate men' thing. This is about promoting courage and confidence, which we all know is an extremely sexy trait on a woman. These are our mothers, sisters, daughters and wives. We should WANT them to feel seen and heard, to have confidence and feel appreciated. If you're taking Women's Day in a negative way, I want you to consider this: in what way does supporting and building up the woman you love make you any less?


Today, I encourage you to put thought to paper on what your life would be like today if you had no rights. How would it be different? How would you feel if you were silenced? How would you feel if you were imprisoned for having a voice on what matters? 

Celebrate the women around you and know that you are powerful, especially when you help to raise each other up. Together, we can change the future to a world that our daughters and nieces aren't afraid to chase their dreams and be heard. 

Much love to you today, ladies!