Tipsy Tuesday | Wedding Shoes

It's Tipsy Tuesday and my tip today goes out to those of you who are unsure of what shoes to wear on your wedding day. First things first, you need to decide what is more important to you - style or comfort? If you're lucky enough to find a shoe that is both, well done you brilliant shoe shopping queen! 

Next, you'll need to consider what type of wedding you are having and more importantly the ground you'll be walking on. Will it be indoor or outdoor? In a garden or a brick path? Will there be small cracks between the boards on the wooden dock or tree roots poking up along the dirt path? Elegant or laid-back? Would stilettos get stuck in the ground with each step you take? Walking down an aisle of sand will require a different style of shoe than a cement church aisle, just as going barefoot may be more acceptable at a beach wedding than a high-end mansion venue.

Photo by Vienna Glenn Photography

Photo by Vienna Glenn Photography

Another thing to think about when picking out your shoes is where you'll be having your photos taken? Have you requested for your photos to be taken in a tall grassy field or along a seaside rock wall? Are you okay with your shoes getting wet, sandy, muddy or all three? What season is it; will you be attempting to walk down snowy trails? Be sure you wear (or bring along) a pair of shoes that can safely maneuver multiple locations without leaving you with a sprained ankle or worse.

If your ceremony, reception and/or photo locations will be at separate venues with completely different grounds, it's perfectly fine to swap your shoes out to fit the bill! After my own ceremony and wedding photos on the beach in footless sandals, I switched into my Toms for dancing on the stone terrace and it was a great decision! Your feet will probably thank you if you're swapping out of high heels at some point, regardless of the ground surface.

One more tip... Break your shoes in! You're going to be on your feet almost the entire time during your wedding day and the last thing you'll want is painful blisters by the time you hit the dance floor. I highly recommend walking around in your shoes for a couple weeks before the big day to ensure you love the look, fit and comfort level of them.

Good luck in your searches! I've attached affiliate links to three of my families' favorite comfy-cute shoe brands below, but if you had a brag-worthy shoe on your wedding day, please share with us what they were in the comments!