Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary Trip | Orcas Island Pt. 2

The next morning, we took our time getting ready. Beau had breakfast planned, cinnamon rolls and mimosas! We ended up eating cheddar brats (something I eat like once a year normally) too because we didn't know when we'd get lunch since we were heading out on a whale tour that afternoon. 

Beau and I went for a hike to Obstruction Pass again, but it was more like a jog because we had to get all the way across the island for our tour and I was reminded how out of shape I am.

We took the Orcas Express and while we didn't see any super cool killer whales, we saw a couple of gray humpback whales named Heather and Big Mama who have supposedly been around for many years.

We had a few hours to kill after and found our way to the Island Hopping Brewery. We killed time playing the cardgame Speed and sampling good craft beers before heading over to Pizza Portofino. I'm craving their garlic butter focaccia again just thinking about it. 

The ferry ride back involved more (failed) attempts at finishing puzzles laid out on the tables, gorgeous sunset colors and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for what a beautiful life we have.

I'm so ready to photograph another couple on the islands now. Please just get me a Leanto next to you so we can hang by the fire after. Who wants in?