Tiana & Anthony | Rattlesnake Lake

When Tiana reached out to me that she wanted an outdoor photo session with her boyfriend Anthony and their new puppy, I knew it was going to be a fun one because first of all, I love photographing love stories and secondly, who doesn't love golden retriever puppies?! Plus Tiana said they'd be down to go wherever so while Rattlesnake Lake wasn't our first choice, it made a pretty killer backdrop.

Ellie was an adorably fluffy ball of energy. She especially liked Tiana's skirt and thought it'd be pretty fun to play tug-of-war with. We may or may not have had to tie her leash to a stump for a little bit to get some photos without Tiana trying to pry her skirt back out of Ellie's mouth. :D

Anthony and Tiana had such a sweet and loving relationship. It's pretty awesome when you don't have to direct people too much because they're just that into each other, which was completely the case with these two! 

 Check out their gallery below: