Tipsy Tuesday | Engagement Outfit Ideas

Here are 5 quick tips for pairing outfits that will help you to look your best in your engagement photos.

What colors photograph best?
1. Neutrals are a safe choice, but don't be afraid to experiment with bold pops of color here and there. If you're anything like me and like wearing all black, consider bright red heels, a colorful sweater or a purple scarf. I like to recommend neutrals on top if we're shooting outdoors in the sun as your shirt can cast colors on to your skin. Neon purple or cherry red chin? Not good.

To add accessories or stay simple?
2. Accessories are the best for changing your look simply by adding or subtracting accessories. Long strands of beads, hats, bangles, fun earrings, a watch, and of course - your freshly cleaned engagement ring! Can't decide? Bring a handful of choices and we can interchange them throughout the session!

What should we wear? Dressy or casual?
3. In all of my engagement sessions, I recommend bringing both a casual and a dressy outfit. Mom and grandma like seeing you dolled up, but if you prefer comfy casual, want to hike a little, plan on getting in the water, you may want to bring something other than your fanciest. Browse your closet or online for inspiration. Materials with detail photograph incredibly. Think lace, tulle, silk scarves, etc..  

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Choose shoes (or a lack of) that are comfortably mobile for the environment. Stilettos may not be the best if we're going to be doing some hiking. Suede loafers aren't great for walking in wet sand. You can always wear comfortable shoes and bring the heels along in a back pack to put on when we get to the shooting location. 

What if I hate my outfits?
4. Try on everything beforehand to be sure you love how you look in the outfit! If you are incredibly self conscious about your calves, opt for pants or a long skirt. If you think your tight shirt shows too much definition of your shape - opt for a more flowy top. If you hate it to begin with, you're going to hate how it looks on you in the photos. I can pose you in flattering ways, but if you're convinced your love handles look bigger in a belly shirt, maybe skip that outfit because it will be all you see when you look at the photos. Make sure you're comfortable with the clothing you choose!

Does neutral mean boring?
5. Neutral doesn't mean avoiding patterns and colors completely. Love stripes, florals or geometric patterns? Totally include them! Just don't overdo it with multiple patterns. If your spouse has on a plaid shirt, opt for coordinating colors without pattern. If you're going bold with a floral dress, choose a more simple and neutral pairing for your fiancee.

That's all for now! 5 quick tips to help you look amazing for your upcoming engagement session!

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