How to Prep for a Photo Session

You just realized you scheduled your anniversary photos to be taken this weekend and you're so unprepared! What will you wear? Should you bring anything? How should I do my hair? Fear not my friends! I'm going to help you out with a few tips to remember before your next photo op. 

1. Don't stress. Put your confidence in the photographer you hand selected and trust their vision. Let go of control and listen to their recommendations for better locations, lighting, posing. Take a deep breath and relax.

2. Avoid alcohol the night before the shoot. Alcohol bloats, dehydrates, and dulls your skin out. Hungover bloodshot eyes are not sexy. Pump extra water into your system! Take care of your skin by moisturizing any skin showing in the photos and keep chapstick handy for dry lips.

3. The same goes for foods, if you don't want to feel bloated or sluggish during your session, avoid McDonalds greasy burgers for lunch and opt for leafy greens, nuts and proteins which are beneficial for the skin.

4. If you can hire someone to professionally do your hair and makeup - do it! It will save you alot of stress and give you a confidence boost. If you can't swing one, the other or both, watch a couple tutorials on YouTube, have the ladies at the Ulta or Sephora help you find the correct shade of foundation, and blend well! It's tricky to balance a very bronzed face with a forgotten pale neck in Photoshop. If you're going to tan or spray tan pre-session - try to avoid doing this the night before. Burnt or super orange-y skin won't flatter you in the best way.

5. If you're having a hard time deciding what to wear, remember neutral colors photograph best! Matchy-matchy (classic all white tees and blue jeans) is out and mix and matching is in! Patterns are fun, but be sure only one of you is wearing a bold print while your S/O rocks a more neutral look. When in doubt, head to Pinterest for inspiration (check out my board titled Engagement Inspiration), send a couple photos of the outfits to your photographer to help decide, or enlist the help of a fashion associate at a retail store if you need something new! Make sure whatever you're wearing is comfortable or your feeling of uneasiness may show up in your photos (constantly pulling at a too-tight shirt, red skin from an itchy material, etc). 

6. Only bring props to your session if it's something that makes sense to the subject, for example: Don't bring a tandem bike to pose on if you normally dislike biking. Do bring your favorite beverage to pour into your favorite mugs if you and your S/O share a love for coffee. Do bring your family pet. Get out on your paddle board if it's you and your wife's favorite hobby. You get the idea.

7. Have fun with it! Leave your phones behind, laugh and play with each other. Be fluid and feel free to move around. Tickle him, spin her around, and don't focus too hard on the camera. If you're a bit awkward like some of us, let your photographer guide you.