I'm Feeling Selfish, 2017...

This year, let's learn to love ourselves as much as we love others (or as much as we love food, our pets, our beds). Whatever it is you love so much, it's time to cut yourself a piece of that pie. There is plenty of love to go around and it starts with YOU. 

But isn't that being selfish?  Nah dude; let me explain why. I don't believe we were dropped on this planet with billions of people by accident. We're all here together for a reason. We would not thrive without each other. We need each other and we cannot fully live out our purposes on earth if we hate ourselves. hose around us cannot fully serve us back if they have a heart full of hatred. Taking care of ourselves is crucial, for both ourselves and ultimately - for others. And like I said, it's gotta start with you. Here's how:

Let's build ourselves up so that we can better build up those around us. Take care of your body and mind - you only have one in this life. Love what you have and treat it like you love it. Forget the body shaming, the critiquing, the fussing over a bad hair day. How about we stop apologizing for who we are, for how we feel and how our house looks. No more comparing ourselves to others. Let's own our confidence and not be ashamed for having it! If you think you look killer in a photo and want to frame it in your home, no need to be embarrassed. Everyone hates the move that you think is awesome? No justification needed! Wanna try a bold makeup look? Rock it, sister! The opinion of others does not matter (now repeat that to yourself 3 more times).

Let's explore often and complain less. Let us invite gratitude into our lives every day. You don't have to venture far from home to find adventure and little peeks of inspiration. It can be a simple walk in the woods or a float in the sea to help us forget our troubles and just be present in the beauty around us. Break up the day-to-day routines whenever you can and learn the joy of random explorations. A little fresh air can do wonders to your creativity and mood.

Let's do more of what makes us happy and say no to what doesn't serve us any longer. If you aren't completely in love with it, don't buy it, don't say it, don't do it and don't keep it. No need to worry about keeping others happy if you're making yourself miserable doing it. This is your journey and you get to choose.

Let us live intentionally.
Be honest and mindful. Ask yourself why and then ask it again. Take your answer deeper. For example, something as simple as 'what's your real reason for cooking dinner'? Is it simply to quick-fix hunger? Take it a little deeper and you may realize you need to do it to nurture your body, to energize and repair your body to live a longer and healthier life. When you get frustrated with what you're doing, dig deep and find your purpose. You'll cultivate more gratitude for what you're doing. If you can't get to the "why" for doing something, maybe it's time to let go.

Let us serve from a place of love and compassion in all we do. Do not act or speak from a place of anger or jealousy or sadness. If you've been hurt, take the time and space you need to meditate/reflect/pray so that you can respond from a neutral place of love and with compassion. Don't allow yourself to be attached to the outcome. If it doesn't go the way you want it to, be confident that you've made peace in your mind and you will be okay regardless of anything else happening. 

Let's surround ourselves with people who encourage us to be better, who lift us up and want us to succeed. And I mean, really, really want us to succeed
Forget the critics, the naysayers and the abusers. Pay attention to who is there for you; Even supportive silence is better than empty words. Cultivate an aura of positivity around you. Hang little notes of encouragement on your mirror, as little weekly reminders on your phone, or on the fridge. Because the more you value yourself, the more you can shine light on those who need your encouragement. When your cup is full, you start pouring into others and isn't that the most beautiful thing?


Watch out 2017, because these are my goals and I get the feeling I'm going to have a serious squad of confident ladies (and men) by my side, ready to live fearlessly out of love. It's not always easy. Bullies exist. Our mind taunts us. Advertising can be the devil. We will have bad days, but from here on out - we're betting on more good than bad.

xo ~ Janelle