Brooke | UW Portrait Session

When Brooke came to me for some lifestyle photos for her brand in the spring, I knew it was going to be a beautiful collaboration. When we met, she shared a little bit of her story with me, how chronic illness left her on bed rest for a very long time before she moved west and decided to start pursuing what she really wanted - modeling. Though she’s been through so much pain, grief and change, Brooke glowed with a beautiful sense of determination and gratitude to where she is today and how she’s learned to express beauty and her femininity through her healing. You can just see it in her eyes.

As I was photographing her, I told her how much I admired her feminine movement and the way she expressed herself with soft, yet strong confidence. I don’t always work with models, but when I do - my goal is the same whether they know how to pose their hands and feet or not: to capture the emotion and connection in their eyes that shows a bit of their soul. And Brooke? This woman rocked it.

Brooke, it was so lovely meeting you and photographing that powerful, yet elegant spirit of yours! Thank you for trusting me to capture a bit of it for you.