3 Reasons To Hire a Pro Hair and Makeup Artist for your Photo Session

Hair and Makeup by Jessica Rockwell

Hair and Makeup by Jessica Rockwell

Hiring a hair + makeup artist before a photo shoot is totally optional, but here are 3 reasons I'd recommend it anyway before your next photo session.:

1. Your makeup looks much different on camera than in everyday life. Professionals know how to work with your skin type, shape, color and texture to enhance your best features for photography.

2. Saves you time and money in the long run. Re-touching every little blemish takes a lot of time, slow down your delivery time and additional edits can cost you more money.

3. It boosts confidence! When you trust a pro to properly blend the right colors and technique to your hair and skin, it takes the stress out of worrying how you look because once you see yourself in the mirror, you're going to be feeling gorgeous and unstoppable!

With any portrait session you book with me, I'm going to recommend a local favorite Professional Hair and Makeup Artist to help make your experience easy and stress-free! Who doesn’t love the sounds of being pampered before being photographed?