12 Ways to Share Love this Month

Let all that you do be done in love..jpg

I love February because of the constant reminders to love on the people around us. It’s not hard to see pain, hardship and loneliness all around us if we open our eyes and ears. I propose we make a conscious effort this month to share love beyond a bouquet of roses. Here are 12 ideas to serve those around you.

  1. Send a Valentine to a kid in a children’s hospital. For example, you can send a free card at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital here: https://giving.cincinnatichildrens.org/send-a-valentine or Google search a hospital near you!

  2. Pay it Forward. Choose any day of the month and pay it forward in the next drive-through line you’re in and ask the employee to write YOU ARE LOVED or draw a heart on the person’s cup or receipt.

  3. Make a donation to your favorite Charity with any qualifying purchases you make this month (or year) by purchasing via smile.amazon.com.

  4. Offer up your time to a friend who could use a babysitter for a date night out.

  5. Send a cheer up package to someone undergoing treatment or illness.

  6. Spend quality time with elderly friends, family and neighbors. This is priceless.

  7. Head to https://www.volunteermatch.org/ and see where you can donate your time and services to places in need in your local area.

  8. Hand write letters and cards to our troops. Get the kids involved for an afternoon art project!

  9. Become a big brother or sister and show a child how loved and valuable they are: https://www.bbbs.org/

  10. Self care is important. The way we talk to ourselves is reflective of how we talk to others. Head to your local library and get in the Self-Help section. There are so many books and audiobooks designed to help you take care of yourself, overcome blocks and release pain points so that you can better serve those around you.

  11. Open up the conversation with your children and families about loving everyone, no matter their race, gender, ethnicity, color, religious beliefs, etc..
    (i.e. Layla Saad has created a free workbook called Me and White Supremacy to educate us on how we can all do our part to stand up out of love and compassion for others living in daily oppression. You can access that here: http://laylafsaad.com/meandwhitesupremacy-workbook/ ).

  12. Purchase from fair-trade companies for gifts, from paper valentines to clothes, jewelry and chocolate makers. Yes, this takes time to research - but what greater love than to show those living in oppression and poverty that we truly do care about them? Here are a few of my favorite brands to start your gift searches with:

    1. Theo Chocolate - chocolate deliciousness

    2. Freeset - fashion of all types

    3. Good Paper - fun greeting cards

    4. Terra Bella Flowers - responsibly sourced flowers in Seattle

There you have it! 12 ways to serve from the heart! You’ve got 28 days this month to share love. How will you do it?