Karen + Ethan | Georgetown Engagement

This engagement session was a very dear one to me. If you follow me on social media, you may remember my friend Karen as the first friend I made when I moved to WA. Well my friends, I am stoked to announce she recently got engaged and I got to capture just a peek into the love story of her and her fiancee Ethan. *cue the applause* Karen is also an extremely talented photographer so being asked to photograph their engagement + wedding photos was a huge honor.

Karen and Ethan met at a work event, chaperoning elementary children at Wild Waves/Enchanted Village. Between dates of hiking, biking and adventuring, they eventually fell in love. Karen says she knew she first loved Ethan while visiting his grandparents in Montana during their first Christmas together. Ethan says he knew he loved Karen while celebrating their first Valentines Day together, with a spaghetti picnic on her dorm bed. Fast forward a lot of fun times to January of this year when Ethan wrote Karen a sweet love letter and then proposed to her. Now the two lovebirds are planning their late summer wedding and toasting to the future. 

Guys, I cannot be more happy for you! Thank you for letting me photograph your love. I am so excited to see your love story continue to grow and for you to start this new chapter of your lives together! Cheers!