Feb 22: Shine A Light On Slavery Day


It is 2018 and we still have slavery.
If this fact alone doesn't get you mad, listen to this. 

"Slavery generates $150.2 billion per year in profits. That's more than Google, Amazon and eBay combined." 

$150+ billion made on human women, men and children being sold into slavery every single year by other human beings! How is this possible?

The pathetic truth is that we all aren't doing enough to end it and until we collectively rise up and use our voices together, we will be surrounded every single day by traffickers and victims. We cannot live in ignorant bliss any longer. We are all guilty for turning the other way, thinking one person like me can't do much to help.

If we want to see change and see slavery end for good, we need to BE the change.

Join me and thousands of others in speaking out about slavery. You may not think you can do much, but raising awareness for prevention and make a donation for rescuers is crucial. Not only that, but these victims need help once they've been rescued and this is where we prove the goodness in humanity.

Visit www.enditmovement.com today for more info or purchase products from female survivors at my favorite charity: Thistle Farms (https://thistlefarms.org/). You can also add Thistle Farms as your chosen Charity on Amazon by always shopping via smile.amazon.com so that every eligible purchase you're already making, gives a percentage to helping this women rebuild their lives and rescue others.

Will you speak out for those who are silenced?