Autumn Transitions


Summer is almost over. 
Literally, I've been watching the countdown until Sept. 22nd, ignoring the cooler weather cues, determined to soak in every last possible ounce of summer I can. 
I almost feel robbed of it, like it was owed to me after that long rainy Seattle winter we just made it through.
I mean, summer came, but so did wildfires and tourists, burn bans and sold out campgrounds. 
I'm a lover of sunshine and warmer days.
Simple days on the lake. 
Fall is beautiful. I do love the the season, pumpkin flavored everything, big comfy sweaters and the colors changing around. But it's a hard transition emotionally. 
I feel it, but can't quite explain it. 
It's almost like my body is preparing for a season of cold and dark. It gets creaky, achey, nostalgic. 
I can feel the shift of something ending. It's almost a sad feeling. 
I feel like I have to say goodbye. 
But then I remind myself, summer will come back. It always does. I'll feel renewed again in the spring. 
Throughout fall and winter, I'll be pouring into my passions to stay revived through the fall and winter, the cold and rainy days. 
Planning a couple of rainy day shoots where love will keep us warm. Getting back into painting for myself. Attending hot yoga classes. Resting more. Trying to keep my plants alive. Setting intentions and goals for my business. Taking on new photo endeavors. Traveling a bit. Hiking in the rain and loving the quiet trails.
And yes, visiting pumpkin patches, eating pie, and snuggling up to my husband in layers of cozy fleece blankets.
Until then, you can find me soaking in warm by the pool,
eating watermelon on the patio or trying to get my kayak out on the lake.