Be an Encourager

Okay, how awesome is this reminder? Too often we spend more time complaining about what we dislike than praising what we do like. Let's be the light and change the pace! Today, I want you to think back to a friend, colleague, business or service that has brought you joy and make a point to thank and praise the person/people. Write them a review, give them a call, send them a note, refer them to your friends, etc... There are so many ways you can show support and thanks (and make their day)! 

Just last week, I had a bride from last summer reach out and send me this message: 
"As we are vastly approaching our first anniversary, I was looking through the photos from our wedding and I just wanted to say thank you again for capturing all the most wonderful moments of that day.  We couldn’t have asked for anyone better to work with! I can’t help but smile looking at each and every photo. Thanks again!"

Girl, I can't help but smile too. The kindness this bride showed by simply sharing testimonial and gratitude was appreciated more than she knew! Knowing how much it made my day to hear from someone I've served, I turned around and reached out one of my favorite food vendors and wrote a review of praise on their website. A couple days later, this awesome company (Cauli'flour Foods) actually sent me a discount for my next order, thanking me for my testimonial! I went on Amazon and Ebay next and wrote reviews for all of my favorite past orders. Feeling appreciated is something we all love, right?

Cheer for others, show gratitude and remember the quote - "a rising tide lifts all boats".