Take Me Back To My Wedding Day

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My Heirloom Box

A peek into my wedding memories and ideas for preserving your own!

Today I want to share with you one of my most cherished keepsakes, my heirloom box. Handcrafted by a small family in the midwest, this beautiful wooden box holds space for prints, a USB, and any other small treasures from your wedding that you want to store inside. It also contains three mini vials to hold other special mementos that will help bring you back to your wedding day, by engaging your other senses. If this is starting to sound familiar, you've probably read my wedding PDF because this heirloom box is included in two of my wedding collections! I honestly wouldn't sell you something I don't absolutely love and believe in myself, so without further ado, here is what you'll find in my very own wedding box.

Here's how it looks when you slide the lid off. It's divided into 3 beautifully hand crafted compartments.

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We store our favorite 4x6 prints, the save-the-dates my mother-in-love made, our invitations and love notes to each other all in the larger space. There's also little mementos, like the customized heart from the dress hanger my sisters had made for me and the cork from the champagne we popped the night of the proposal!

Our handwritten vows are also inside, (Beau's short and sweet vows and my novel). In the bottom compartment, a custom USB fits perfectly, backed up with the digital copies of our photos.

The vials are tiny, about an inch tall, perfect for holding just a peek into the special bits inside. One of our vials contain a small swatch of material from the bow-tie that Beau handsomely wore, sprayed with his Versace cologne. The other two include the sand we exchanged vows on and a swatch from the Nikki Minaj perfume I wore sprayed onto material from my wedding dress.

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Ideas for your own mini vials:
unity sand from your ceremony

sample of the cologne he wore

swatch of veil/dress fabric

dried petals from your bouquet/boutonniere

bride's earrings

dirt from the ground you wed on or proposed on

string tied into a knot to represent tying the knot

confetti hearts

rolled up fortune cookie script that fits your relationship

your first baby's foot prints



But wait, there's more! I love how many bits and pieces of my day I could fit into the box, including the footless sandals I wore and the beautiful headpiece made for me by ABitofLove. Additionally, I had my seamstress save me samples of my wedding dress (when she was taking it down 5 sizes for me) so that if I ever have a daughter who wants something old from her mother, maybe she can utilize the swatches into her own gown or bouquet.

Seriously, these heirlooms have so much meaning for me. Beau and I can now go back every anniversary and hold, smell, feel and see our memories from the best day of our lives. Protecting them for potential future children and grandchildren is important to me.

So my question to you, friends, is this: how will you share your (wedding or engagement or family) photos with your children and grandchildren? Will they be available for them to hold in their hands as they view your love story? Or will the photos only remain on a disc that won't be around in 50-100 years?

Ask me how to get your heirloom box started.