I'm Grateful for You

Guys, I am so grateful for what I do and the people I meet because I learn so many valuable things from each of you. Yes, you! I totally believe that you (whether as a client, colleague, mentor, vendor or friend) have come into my life for a reason and I'm thankful for the lessons you've taught me (even if you have no idea you've done so). And so, to keep it simple and random (like I do best), here are 7 things I'm thankful for today from ya'll.:

1. The reminders on how to be present and just have fun with my husband.
2. The encouragement you've brought me with your realness of your struggles, relationships and imperfections (because let's face it, we're all only human).
3. The support and love you've shown me through cards, testimonials and referrals. Like any entrepreneur, I have hard days where I question if my work is good enough and your kindness has been a ray of sunshine on those days.
4. For trusting me creatively with my (sometimes crazy) ideas and visions.
5. For reminding me why I do what I do after I deliver every single photo session and get to see/hear the amount of joy these photo memories bring you.
6. For reminding me to cherish time with my friends/family because I can't imagine my wedding day without them like some of you have had to do.
7. For bringing love and respect to your body (no matter the size). The positive example you're being is going to change the way little girls look at themselves someday and I applaud your confidence to overlook your flaws for the sake of your future children/grandchildren having photos of you.

You guys are the bomb.com and I'm blessed our paths have crossed! Thank you for being you.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

counting blessings.jpg