5 Facts You May Not Know About Me...

1. In first grade, I wanted my name to be Anna so badly that I wrote it on all of my homework papers. My teacher had to contact my mom and have a special talk with me because of it. I remember her gently telling me that I needed to stop doing that right away because she didn't know who Anna was when she was grading papers or taking roll call.
2. Dark Chocolate Sea Salt is my favorite candy.
3. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
4. I may be creative in the photography realm, but I have little to no skills for drawing, decorating, writing, painting, designing or styling. 
5. Psychology is one of my big interests. I love learning about what makes people act the way they do, how to read body language, the different personality types, etc...

That's all the randomness I'll share with you today. Can you relate to any of mine? What's something random about you?