Kate & Nick | A Badlands Love Session

Since the first time I visited the North Dakota badlands, I knew I had to photograph a couple there. I described on that very day to my best friend my vision of a romantic sunset session there with the woman wearing a flowy dress and the plateaus detailing the ground around us. Fast forward almost a year to my session with newlyweds, Kate and Nick. They were looking for photos for their Christmas card, but upon learning they've never been professionally photographed together, I knew we needed more than just the classics! You couldn't imagine my excitement when she expressed interest in exploring the badlands and allowing the session to just flow! Letting me know they trusted me, they left the location planning up to me and then Kate told me about a tulle skirt she wanted to make. I'm such a sucker for soft fabrics, especially tulle;

heck yes!

Now, before I bore you trying to describe the session to you, go ahead, start scrolling through the photos and allow this badlands love story to tell itself!

The session wouldn't be complete without a debut from their fur baby, who happens to love modeling...

Hello gorgeous! Once Kate brought out her stunning homemade tulle skirt, a more romantic mood was set.

I do love a good photo bomb...

This view though! North Dakota for the win!

(At this moment in shooting, I was overwhelmed with feelings of love, peace and abundance surrounding us all... just, wow!)

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