Callie, age 7

When my most adorable 7 year old niece asked me to take her "7 year old pictures", there wasn't a moment of hesitation before we were picking out some of her favorite outfits and out the door. What I love about shooting Callie is that she needs no direction and confidently poses herself. She's a little nervous around the cat however, who decided to try to insert himself in the background of her shots 80% of the time. Sometimes laughter ensued; sometimes we needed her fearless little sister to come chase him away with her bike.

My friends, check out this adorable session and leave some love in the comments for Callie; she always asks to see if anyone likes her pictures! :)

I get a little emotional blogging these photos, because I'm starting to see this little one I held in the hospital as a newborn as a little girl who is only getting older. :'(

insert weird kung fu cat.

okay okay, you can have a little spotlight too, cat.

My little assistant was the best helper, until the wind picked up and she couldn't hold the reflector too well anymore! :D