perfect imperfection

Tonight, I want to shout out to just a fraction of the people who made my photography season nothing short of fabulous this year! To those of you who have without complaint kissed in the rain, fought the wind, stood on a ledge, carried your bride through fields, laughed off wardrobe malfunctions, smiled while being swarmed by bugs, let your toes almost turn numb in Lake Superior, let your gown dirty a little, ventured through rocks, and fearlessly


your wedding day - you are THE BEST! 

(insert Frozen reference here, "Some people are worth melting for.")


While I completely understand wanting a flawless day and protecting your expensive attire, I also want you to remember not to get so caught up in perfection that you overlook the point of your wedding day. It comes down to the two of you and nothing else matters except that you both are enjoying every moment of your wedding and building for a great marriage. So don't sweat the small stuff; those imperfect moments are raw and priceless whether they were planned or not. This is the real story of your big day and it's going to be photographically told how it was; not photoshopped into an imaginary un-flawed fairytale. 

And this isn't even all of you awesome clients (I just couldn't fit many more in this collage , but know you are remembered and appreciated. I love you guys! 

Thank you!