What's up; we're live!

Janelle Elaine Photography got a makeover... What do you think?

Guys, I have been in hard core hermit mode over here - spending days upon hours trying to give my little online space a makeover. Wait, did I miss lunch AND dinner? Oops, forgot to change out of my pajamas again. Since when did it get dark out? But really, I'm so excited to launch my new website+blog to show off all my photos of you amazing people! I wanted all of you fresh faces to have one place to come and explore all of my work and get to know a little about who I am. I also hired a logo designer to help my vision come to life for a logo that represents my brand and I think she rocked it out! What do you think? 


So thank you guys for your patience and support as I'm always continuing to grow and better my business. I wouldn't be where I am today without each of you! 


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