You know those moments when it suddenly hits you that life is flying by? We get so busy living and soon we realize the only thing we have to hang on to are memories. Memories that can get lost in the name of time unless they're documented, for you and for the next generation. My advice? Keep living life fully, soak in each moment and invite me along to capture and preserve a reflection of you and your life story! I got you, boo.

"When you do things from your soul,
you feel a river moving within you,
a joy.
- Rumi

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my Story

I'm Janelle. Small town girl with big dreams of traveling the world and experiencing life across the globe. Most days you can find me at my laptop, spotify playing, coffee getting cold and my dog curled up on half of my keyboard. I'm known for being the listener in the group and for noticing random details.

I discovered my passion for serving people through photography after a foreign mission trip I took over 9 years ago. I came back with the realization that a photograph has the power to convey emotion and tell a story -- even many years later. As my business grew into photographing life and love stories for other people, I held on to my purpose of photographing as organically and intentionally as possible so that the prints a child will hold in their hands one day will be a true representation of who their grandparents really were and the love they shared. My style is natural and focuses on drawing out real human emotions in natural lighting and environments, while guiding you through poses and prompts that make you look amazing.

I truly believe in love and marriage and married up a few years ago myself. We moved to WA 2.5 years ago and on my days off, I love spending time hiking, practicing yoga, discovering new foods and drinks around Seattle, exploring outside and spending as much time in the sun as I can. I'd mention my cheese addiction, but I'm working on that...

Your turn! Head over to the contact page above and tell me about yourself!